Thursday, October 19, 2006


A bit off for beginnings (it's the middle of the month, mid day of the week), but i figure what the hey.

It is both boredom and dire need of distraction that has led me to tinker with this space for the duration of this time today. I am a bit restless. This theme accurately portrays my mood for this night --- wintry, cold and a bit isolated from the world. Ahhh, la vie.

+ + +

Things are progressing more quickly than i anticipated. I murmured to my friend one night (squashed in somewhere during my ramblings) that i feel that celebrating my birthday is like jumpstarting a new era year that i am yet unwilling to own up to. Just when you get settled down to being 2+, you just have to start all over again and re-adjust.

It's not like i regret anything i've done at this point in my life --- far from it. I may not like all the paths i have taken, or the decisions ive made, but hey, they were MINE and i own up to them fully. This path which i am taking right now may not be the best for me, as others may remind me quite so often, but dammit, i'm having fun and yes, it IS my life, thanks a lot! (forgive me for being so defensive, some people just DON'T GET THAT). But anyway, i just feel like this age still has so much to offer and i feel i'm running out of time...

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